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This website has been created to help residents and visitors of Birmingham find those elusive Taxi numbers, normally when they most need them.

As we all hate, there's nothing worse than trying to find a local taxi and you get either cut off or that engaged tone

Well hopefully we have helped put an end to all that ....

We at Birmingham Taxi Numbers have provided a minimum of 5 local taxi firms in the Birmingham area that you have searched for, because what we have done is individually typed in 5 local taxi firms, their contact details and also more importantly their telephone numbers.

Further down the page you'll also find out exactly what make us different from other websites....

What kind of services you can expect from Birmingham Taxi numbers

You can now easily book a wide range of services such as private hire taxis or minibus, or book your Airport Transfer in advance, so you can arrive at your chosen destination without worrying about how you’re going to get there.

We can take you to a wide range of popular destinations in and around the Birmingham area.

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Our expert team of developers understand that ease of use of a website is paramount. We also understand that time is precious and therefore on our mobile phone version of this website we have designed it so that all you have to do is tap your mobile phone screen to book a taxi with your desired operator...

That's correct, all you need to do is tap the red phone icon and then the website automatically inputs the Taxi phone number into your mobile phone and calls the taxi firm